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Television Series

Ordinary people having extraordinary experiences

Series Summary

Xperiencer is a reality based television series featuring everyday people from all walks of life who are having extraordinary experiences. These experiences run the gamut of all of the paranormal "Contact Modalities" including UFOs, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Ghosts/Spirits, Remote Viewing, Mediumship, ESP, and all other forms of Contact with Non-Human Intelligence." 

Subjects to be covered include the idea that the Contact Modalities, need to be viewed as one integrated phenomenon under "Consciousness",  the role of Spirituality and spiritual transformation, a concept associated with all of the Contact Modalities.

We might be living in both a simulated/virtual reality that is also spiritual and all of the Contact Modalities, including UFOs, need to be viewed under this thesis.

Our team of scientists and experts will be on hand each episode to help the experiencer and the viewers understand the science behind these experiences and see the bigger picture.


Series Synopsis

Each episode of Xperiencer will feature first hand accounts of every day people and their remarkable experiences in the realms of concsiousness and metaphysics .

A panel of experts and scientists in the fields of parapsychology and the paranormal will then breakdown the details and discuss their analysis to explain the unexplainable in scientific terms..

The format for each episode will be similar beginning with meeting the experiencer and learning the details of their encounters followed by an examination by our team of experts specific to the areas of the paranormal being discussed.

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