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Ruth Anne

Ruth Ann lives in a small town in Oklahoma. She is a Reiki healer, psychic-medium and spiritual
adviser. She had a Near Death Experience at age 19 when she was in a car accident. Later, unbeknownst to her and her new husband the
house they bought was haunted by ghosts with whom which Ruth Ann was able to communicate with just like Sam in the show ”Ghosts.”


Kevin is a real estate broker and retired police officer living in Florida. He is also a lifelong
experiencer; his contact started when he was eight years old, now he's 65 and his contact continues to this day. Kevin is in direct contact with
and is able to channel a group of eight, non-human, enlightened beings who have assisted him, guided him, and taught him.


Melinda lives in the Midwest and is a retired pediatrician and experiencer since childhood. Her experiences run the gamut from two near death experiences, encounters with ghosts, a run in with Bigfoot to sightings of
triangle shaped crafts and missing time. She feels compelled to come forth with her story at this time to help others and to raise awareness


Yossi lives in Israel. He is a graphic artist and web designer. At 18 he had a life changing face-to-face
encounter and communication with beings of non-human intelligence. The experience and the information he received led Yossi on a journey
of exploration into the worlds of contact, parapsychology, alternative medicine, consciousness and Hebrew mysticism.

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